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Five Card Stud

Five card stud is a true classic, in fact, it's the earliest form of stud poker. Poker aficionados will recall that Five card stud was the 'main game' in the classic heads up match between Johnny Moss and Nick "the Greek" (back in 1949, this Moss/Greek battle was the precursor to the inaugural World Series of Poker.) 5 Card Stud was also prominently featured in the classic movie The Cincinnati Kid.

Five card stud is a simple game: Each hand starts with antes: everyone at the table posts a minimal wager. Every player is dealt one down card and one upcard. This is followed by an initial round of betting.Each player is then dealt another upcard, followed by another round of betting. Two more upcards are dealt, one at a time, each followed by more bets (for a total of four betting rounds.) The player with the best hand rakes the pot.

5 Card Stud – Game play Notes:

The player with the highest upcard is always first to check or bet
(*except for the initial betting round: the opening 'bring-in' bet is made by the person with the lowest valued upcard)

The betting round typically doubles on the third upcard.

The game can be played high-low split, with Aces playing both high and low

Sometimes the game is spread with the last card dealt as a downcard rather than an upcard. Or, in a similar vein, the game can be played with the first 2-3 cards dealt face-

Five Card Stud Strategy & Game play Tips

*Five Card Stud is a game of high cards and pairs; Straights, flushes (etc) are rare.
Considering the above: don't draw for straights and/or flushes unless you have three cards to a straight flush.

*In considering hands to play: you should have a strong pair and/or at least one live card that beats the board.

*It's generally best to fold if you do not have at least a pair in the first three cards.

*If you cannot beat the board and do not have a good draw to the best hand, then get out of the hand.

*If you have a strong hand, do not give free cards (good advice for most all poker games.)

*Five card stud provides you with almost complete information. Only a single downcard is hidden, so, you know with some certainty where you stand at any given time. Intelligent opponents are going to give little action on most strong hands. Your job is to be one of those intelligent players.

5 card stud is a great game to play online: The average number of hands dealt per hour is much higher than other games. If you're a decent player, you should do well against the stud newbies that wander in just to try out the game.