How to play Big Slick

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Big Slick – or – Ace King, is a great hand in poker. Learn how to play this hand to extract the maximum benefit preflop.

Ace King is a great hand in texas holdem poker. A suited Ace-King is actually the fourth best starting hand, after aces, kings, and queens. The problem with big slick is that it’s not a made hand, it’s a drawing hand. Even pocket tens has a better chance of winning when played heads-up to a showdown. However, it is still a very useful hand when played correctly.

Big Slick is useful for putting pre-flop pressure on your opponents. In a no-limit game, if you’re one of the first people in the pot and you have a Big Slick, you can get a nice lead in the hand by raising four or five time the blind. This should be enough in a loose game to thin out the field a little. Sometimes a flat-call is the right thing to do, but most of the time you should raise. Don’t let yourself get too timid just because of previous losses with this hand.

An Ace-King is a hand that can be a big win for you if it is played correctly. Simply calling means that when you do hit your hand you’ve lost out on a lot of value. If you raise, and you don’t net the draw you’re looking for you can always outplay your opponent later in the hand.

Raising thins out the field and reduces the chance of someone staying in the hand and getting luck yon the river from stealing your chips for cheap.

In online poker tournaments, especially, it’s important to play strong. The blinds later in tournaments can be astronomical, so anything you can do to net a big stack will help you to stay in the game.