Deposit and Withdrawal Options
for USA Players

Our #1 Pick

USA Friendly: ePassporte

ePassporte is currently the most popular payment processor remaining for U.S. players. ePassporte is an e-wallet that also allows you to use it at many Visa accepting merchants online.

ePassporte is actually a virtual VISA debit account. What this means is that in addition to using it to transfer funds to and from online poker rooms, you can also use it to make purchases from the myriad of online vendors who accept VISA cards. Additionally, you can purchase an actual plastic debit card to then use anywhere VISA is accepted, as well as at ATMs.

In order to set up ePassporte for use, you must select a load option- either from your bank, credit card or cash. Verification deposits will be made to your bank account that should show up within 7-10 days. With the credit card verification, you will have to call the issuing bank and ask what the pending charge is. Once the verification is made you may load your account, which also takes about 7-10 days. Deposits to poker sites can be made once your account has been loaded. Poker sites may not allow you to withdraw to ePassporte unless you have made a deposit using ePassporte first.

ePassport is not free. To load your account with a credit or debit card, it costs $5 per $100 deposited, or portion thereof. So, don't deposit $101, or you'll get slapped with a $10 fee. It's a little more reasonable for EFTs from your bank. The initial load fee is $5 regardless of how much you deposit and subsequent reloads only cost $2. Peer-to-peer transfers costs 25 cents for the first five per day and $1 thereafter. Tack on a $5 account fee per year after the first year, and it can add up. And that's if you don't want the physical debit card. The card costs $35 initially and then $35 per year.

ATM withdrawals and EFTs are $2 each, while wire transfers cost a brutal $50. Transfers to and from poker sites are free, although the maximum is $500 ($1,000 for "Select Status"), which is a negative for users who want to make big deposits. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn to your bank or ATM is $300 or $600 per day depending on your status level. To earn Select Status you must upgrade your account by adding a second load option.

Read the extensive info on the ePassport site. The fees can be minimized if you use the best methods for deposit and withdrawal. You will just have to understand going in that this will not be a free service. Its wide acceptance amongst poker rooms and its usage flexibility do make ePassporte an attractive option.

Phone and email support has been difficult lately as ePassporte struggles to keep up with the huge volume of USA players and hundreds of poker rooms signing up for their service. So far, most players are having a good experience loading and withdrawing through ePassporte. Use their excellent FAQ and web info before trying to reach them by phone or email.

2nd Best Option

USA Friendly: Ecocard

Ecocard is an increasingly popular payment processor, and it still allows U.S. customers to use it for online gambling, so if you are a U.S. resident and find that your favorite poker room accepts Ecocard, it may be worth a look. At this time, Ecocard is primarily available on the Prima Network, but has recently been added for deposits and withdrawals at other sites. The company bills its service as a virtual debit card, but it's really just an e-wallet like most of the others.

Ecocard's website #1 load method is visa or mastercard & Eco also lists bank payments (EFTs) and "alternative payment methods". The only alternative method that comes up is bank wire. Fees are generally non-existent, except for peer-to-peer transfers (1.5%) and withdrawals by wire transfer ($10). Ecocard is a good, low cost alternative for online deposits and withdrawals. Eco is extremely easy and quick for initial registration.

How secure is Eco? Eco development team manages the forefront of the latest Internet technology, connectivity and security. All connections and data transmissions on the protected pages are encrypted by SSL.

About EcoCard Ltd. Here is a link to the Ecocard FAQ:
help/FAQ https://www.ecocard.com/Helppopup.aspx

3rd Best Option

USA Friendly, Add-Funds

Add-funds is the newest option available at several poker rooms and casinos. Here you load your pre-paid calling card and can use that loaded card to fund an online bank at your favorite room. Low fees and easy, quick registration make this site an “up n comer” for USA players.

Card refill (decline) 45 cents
Card Refill - International Wire IN 2%
Card refill by ACH 3% + 90cents
Card Refill by Home ATM 3% + 45 cents
Card refill with credit card 3% +90 cents
Currency conversion 3%
Monthly Management $5.00
Send Funds - Via ACH $5.00
Send funds - Via International Wire $45
Send funds to another user 2%
Withdrawal - ACH $5.00
Withdrawal - International Wire $45.00

Purchase a long distance prepaid phone card by Visa, Mastercard or eCheck now at Add-Funds. Available in $100, $150, $200 and $300 denominations.

Option #4, Deposit By Bank Draft, Money Order or Cashiers Check

Mail Directly to your favorite Poker Room or Casino

Yes, you can directly send to most rooms. Obviously, it will take a while for your paper cash to get through the mail and then be processed at the poker room. So if you are patient and hate fees this is a viable option at many sites.

It remains to be seen whether or not U.S. banks will be required to track every paper check to see which are going to online gambling sites. If they do not, then for U.S. customers, paper checks may eventually be the way to go.

Option #5: Prepaid Debit Cards

Many members have reported success with prepaid Visa-debit cards. These are commonly available at “Walgreens” stores ($30, $50 and $100 values) Note: there have been reports that the 'greendot' cards don't work (please avoid them.) If you end up with a card that doesn't work, worst case scenario = you have plastic cash.


Which Shark recommended sites use above options?

Absolute Poker: ePassporte, Add-Funds, Bank draft; Option 4

Full Tilt: ePassporte, Option 4

Vegas Poker 24/7: ePassporte, Add-Funds, Bank draft; Option 4

Ultimate Bet: ePassporte, Add-Funds, Bank draft; Option 4

Pokerstars: ePassporte, Bank draft; Option 4

Poker.com: ePassporte, Ecocard

PokerTime: Ecocard

Jungle Poker: ePassporte, Ecocard

Bodog: “Doggie” does not support any of the above deposit methods at this time. They recommend Western Union transfers and will pay ALL FEES if you deposit a minimum of $200 via Western Union. They also have no fees for depositing by credit card and accept a very high % of visa/mastercards for depositing players. We have requested more options from our rep at Bodog.


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