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Best Bonuses

Play online poker with thousands of real people for FREE

Absolute Poker has one of the biggest sign-up bonuses of any online poker room (100% up to $600) and their reload bonuses are plentiful. So, AP gets our recommendation for the best poker bonuses it’s not even close. There’s no reason to play a poker hand on Absolute Poker without earning a bonus on it. Proper bonus whoring at Absolute Poker can earn you a few thousand a year in bonuses alone.


Best Software

A few years ago, I didn’t think Full Tilt was gonna survive. It was a poker ghost town. Boy was I wrong: Full Tilt has steadily improved and now offers a top notch gaming platform. Their software features a ton of bells and whistles and their graphic options are unrivalled. They also offer an incredible variety of games and tourneys. If you haven’t tried Full Tilt, you’re missing out on one of the finest/funnest experiences in online poker.


Best New Site

Poker.com is a site that should’ve been successful a lonnnnng time ago. It took this dot-com several years before they launched a poker client to the masses. Well, it’s finally out and it was worth the wait. Poker.com has released a fine piece of software that offers many cutting edge features; extensive note taking, customizable tournaments, dynamic table backgrounds, rabbit hunting, showing one or two cards when folding and much more. As with most new sites, the user base is still growing (you won’t find the 10’s of thousands of players that some of the other/older sites offer) but you can bet that will change… in fact, I’ll urge you to do just that: make a deposit at Poker.com and place your bets!


Best Tournaments

If you’re looking for the biggest, best Multi-table tournaments, you’re looking for PokerStars. No matter what your game or what stake you can afford, this site is ready to suit your needs: From a wafer thin dime to a $500 event with a $1,000,000 (yes, that’s *one million dollars* payout, that’s held every Sunday.) They recently added H.O.R.S.E and RAZZ to their offerings. This Multi Table Tourney monolith is untouchable.

Best Tourney, Honorable Mention goes to *Absolute Poker* for a wide variety of events with reasonable fields. If you’d prefer to play an MTT with a field of 50-100, you should check out AP. They host a variety of tourneys (Holdem, Omaha, Razz, Stud) with a variety of buy-ins throughout the day.


Best Shark Supporter

Play online poker with thousands of real people for FREE
Absolute Poker has been part of the Shark Army since day one and they continue to be our #1 supporter. Every Thursday you can take part in the $5 buy-in Shark Event ($200 added) If you enjoy participating in the Shark Army events (freerolls, $added low-limit buy-ins, *Shark vet series* etc.) I urge you to support those who support us. Download and play at Absolute Poker.

Different Kinds of Online Poker Bonuses

Choosing online poker bonuses can be fun, and there will be different considerations to keep in mind for each type of bonus. Here’s a guide to what you should be thinking about when you play online poker and consider the different kinds of online poker bonuses.

Sign Up Bonuses
There are two things you need to think about with sign up bonuses. How big a bonus can you get and will you really use it? Some sign up bonuses can double your deposit or even earn you more than your deposit, so it pays to do your research and find the best poker bonus online you can before signing up with a new site. Remember that once you’ve signed up, you can’t get another sign up bonus. You should also ask yourself if this is a good site for you. You don’t lose anything by trying a new site, but if the site is so unappealing that there’s no way you would play on it long enough to clear your bonus, you might not want to waste your time.

Loyalty Bonuses
Loyalty bonuses are pretty much a no-brainer, since the site offers them to you just for playing. However, you want to make sure that you use them. These bonuses are available for a limited amount of time, and if you keep putting it off, time may expire.

Referral Bonuses
You should try to make use of referral bonuses that are a good deal for the friend you are referring to the site as well. If it’s not, your friend might as well just look for his own bonus on his own without giving you the referral credit.